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100% Pure Soy Wax for Candle Making | Natural Soy Wax | Vegetable Wax for Candle Making

Pack Of: 250 Gms

Product details

  • Soy wax is best for DIY, making scented, jar, votive and massage candles
  • 100% pure and quality tested
  • Can be used with fragrance to produce a variety of scented candles
  • Different packing sizes.( 100 Gms, 250 Gms, 500 Gms, 1 Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg )
  • Direct from manufacturer to ensure best quality product to be dispatched


For any candle-making kit, the most important content is wax, so this Floryn Decor soy wax for candle making is essential and also famous among candle makers.Soy Wax is quite famous for all Scented, jar and massage  candle-making. You can use natural soy candle wax with other types of material to enhance your candle for performance. With this vegetable wax, you can make many types of candles such as Jar, scented, votive, Massage Candle, etc. You can melt this natural wax for candle-making at different temperature levels/points. For example, If you start making candles at your Home, then you can melt your wax at 125-150 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Soy natural wax comes in different packing sizes.( 100 Gms, 250 Gms, 500 Gms, 1 Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg ) that fulfill your need accordingly. Our Soy wax is 100% natural and organic.This  Soy wax comes in natural colour.

Legal Disclaimer: Use It carefully with proper safety tools.

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