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Bees Wax Scented Jar Candle | Fresh & Citrusy | Ocean Breeze with Lemon |

Lid: Without lid

Product details

  • Best Scented Candles For Home Decor
  • Hand poured made with natural essential oils
  • Made with natural Bees wax for an eco-friendly and non-toxic choice
  • Infused with the fresh and invigorating scent (blend)of ocean breeze with lemon for an uplifting experience
  • Direct from the manufacturer for a high-quality candle
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free for an ethical choice
  • Fresh and soothing, it'll put you in that spa state of mind
  • Net quantity-200 gram Approximately
  • Long-lasting burn time for hours of enjoyment
  • Smokeless and Soot free which is Environment Friendly


Ocean Breeze with Lemon scented (Blends) Bees wax jar candle - Floryn Decor presents a 200-gram candle that is direct from the manufacturer and made with natural Bees wax. Infused with the fresh and invigorating scent of Ocean-Breeze with Lemon, this candle will uplift your spirits and enhance your surroundings. As a vegan and sustainable product, you can enjoy this candle knowing that it was crafted with ethical and eco-friendly ingredients.

Note: You will get  one  scented ( blends of) Ocean-Breeze with Lemon Glass candle ( With free wooden lid or Without lid )

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