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Small Jar Scented Candles Set | Highly fragranced Mini Jar Candle

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Product description

  • Floryn Decor Jar Scented Candles gift set includes 6 fragrance's: LAVENDER, SANDALWOOD, ROSE, VANILLA, LEMON GRASS, JASMINE.
  • Ingredients : Highly scented and 100% pure paraffin wax with no harmful chemicals.
  • Burning time- 6 to 10 hours each
  • Dimensions- 1.5 Oz each jar | Best candles for home decoration
  • Benefits of these aromatic candles : Reduce stress, calms your mind, make you fresh, feeling soothing.
  • Packaging of fragrance candles for home: Comes in a cute mini jars with a gifting box🎁 .
  • Perfect scented candles for home decor or gifting purpose.
  • Don't think too much just shop this candle set. Best Mini candles for home decor.

Shop a perfect fusion of 6 fragrances in a cute miniature jars. Made with a 100% high quality paraffin wax with no harmful chemicals. If your mood feel low so don't take tension, just light up this scent candles and make your mood uplift. This scented candle set of 6 has a soothing and different fragrances. The ENGLISH ROSE candle smell can reduce stress, SANDALWOOD candle smell calms your mind, NIGHT JASMINE candle smell feels you romantic, LAVENDER smell may help improve your sleep, LEMON GRASS candle smell makes you fresh, VANILLA candle smell makes your surrounding soothing. You cannot believe that we can get so many benefits in these mini jar candles. Even, this is a perfect scented candles gift set. You use this scented candles for home decor too. You just gonna love it as aromatic candles for gifting. Single jar burns around 6 to 10 hours each and it's dimension is 1.5 oz each jar. Don't think too much just shop. Best for scented candle sets for women gift. These are the great fragrance candles for home/ bedroom. These various types of perfume candles for home use are available in various senteded candles jar combos. You can give this Perfect gift of scented candles for bedroom to your love one. These romantic fragrance candles can be used for aroma or scented candles for bedroom sex, scented candles for bathroom and candles for home decoration. This is beautiful mini candle hampers and are the best candles for gift. Mini candles for home decor

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